Imaginex Movies

Our Mission

Imaginex Movies was created in May 2017 under a different name– U&S Productions. Three days after Vasisth Sukul graduated from film school, he started it as a video production company with two friends, Jose Ulloa and Joel Glickman. In 2021, U&S Productions evolved into Imaginex Movies because the company was no longer just about producing videos. 


Imaginex Movies is about imagining worlds– worlds full of inappropriately timed laughs and spicy love stories—and bringing them to life. Our goal is to make people happy, no matter how momentary that happiness may be, because it’s an incredibly beautiful experience to share a laugh together. 


Imaginex Movies is a Miami movie studio that has had some absolutely spectacular individuals grace its sets, from Jaydev Hemrajani and Fernanda Lamuño to Manuel Camilion and Olivia Sanchez.

Let's make Movie Magic together